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Where’s My Promised Land… How to Removed The Things From Your Life That Is Stopping God’s Blessing

Where’s my promised land? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Have you ever thought that the great trouble-free Christian life you were promised just didn’t pan out like they told you it would? Instead, your experience of serving Jesus has really lacked the luster and glory you are hoping for. Do you actually know what it means to have a wilderness experience?

Well if that is you my friend there is a problem somewhere. Maybe you are trying to experience the promise land blessing while carrying around the baggage of Egypt. This baggage is very heavy and they contain your old life that you had before you met Jesus. All the habits, bad attitudes, and all the other things that kept you in sin before you come to meet Jesus face-to-face.

Author Don Nicely has put together in this book entitled; “Where’s my Promised Land” ? A collection of hindrances that may be stopping you from receiving the best that God has for you.

Things that may be secretly hidden that you don’t even know about them. Things that are stopping up your water well in your soul from flowing the living water that he wants to pour into your life and refresh you.

In this book you will learn to identify each of those hindrances just like the children of Israel did and you also learn how to remove them. Once you remove them you can then move forward and claim your rightful inheritance and God. Get a copy today and move into the promised land that God has promised for you.