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How To Be Blessed In Tough Economic Times Book 2 Living A Recession Proof Life

Are you amazed that you can carry $200.00 worth of groceries in the house with just two hands. Or you realize that you might have to take out a loan to fill up your gas tank of your SUV. As prices for food and gas keep creeping up. And our wages and work hours start being reduced… It goes on and on. Are we on the brink of the collapse of the U.S. dollar? How can we survive these tough economic times in the days ahead.

Americans face several conditions today that are sending many to food banks and soup kitchens for the first time in their lives, simply because they can’t afford both food for their families and the costs of living in the modern world.

But what if you could make your money go further by cutting down on modern day living expenses? For those of you with money, concerns about that money’s worth in the days ahead are well founded. By now it’s common knowledge that our nation’s titanic-size debt, as well as several other factors, put the U.S. dollar in dangerous territory. Nations like China — who may one day decide to cash in on the enormous amount of U.S. debt they have purchased into — are currently keeping us afloat.

But it’s like the story of the little boy visiting Holland that putting his finger in a small hole in a dike to prevent a flood from wiping out the land. Just how long is this “little boy” going to keep his finger in the dike?

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about all that. Why you ask? Because Author Don Nicely has filled this book with principles and precepts that if you apply them to your life everything will be okay.

In the book you will learn;

  • That Being Blessed Is More Than Money
  • How To Be Set Free From Greed
  • What Is The God of Mammon
  • How Not To Fear A Recession
  • And So Much More!  Get A Copy Today