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How To Raise Winning Kids Without Loosing Your Mind

Using Imagination And Not Indoctrination In Raising Your Children Against All Odds. PARENTING is a divine responsibility given to couples which needs to be taken with all seriousness. But right now, ask yourself, how much do you love your children? Sadly, most parents know little to none of the things that are directly impacting the life of their children negatively on a daily basis. How do we expect to give to them what we do not have?  Thankfully the Covid 19 shutdown has woke many many parents up to what the government run organizations known as public schools were teaching their children every day.
How To Raise Winning Kids! Reveals un-told truths taken directly from God’s word about how to raise Godly children even with all the elements of this civilized and digitalized world we all find ourselves in working against us. We will also show how things today are having a profound effect on the overall well-being of our children.
IF you’re interested in raising children that would grow up to become the best version of themselves, join Don Nicely as he un-veils the veils that has blurred our vision to the hidden detrimental truths behind this new digitalized society in which we live. Truths on how we can raise our children correctly. Also, this book will raise your awareness about how parents can be unknowingly exposing their children to risk and dangers.
Young children learn most readily when their imaginations are engaged and of course parents teach most successfully when they are able to see their subject matter from their child’s point of view. It is, however, very difficult to define imagination in practice and even more difficult to make full use of its potential in teaching your children.
In this very stimulating book, author Don Nicely, who is the father of six children himself, and award-winning author of several books, discusses what learning really means for children and young people when you are learning from you.
Don uses a bright and witty practical style to move through different stages of your child’s life and training your children the right way to go. Get A copy today!