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E-book Avoiding Satan’s Traps

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Avoiding Satan’s traps

What if I told you that Satan may have an open door for you to try to trap you in!

Do you believe that you are living in the last days of destruction? Do you believe that Jesus is about to return and take his bride to heaven with him? Whether you believe any of these truths are not there still facts. Your belief doesn’t really matter. That doesn’t change anything. The fact is Satan has set traps for us. And in order to catch most Christians he’s had to come to church. He has infected many people in the church with a spiritual disease.

Author Don Nicely calls this disease A. I. D. S. Which is in acrostic for a sickness says infected many people in the church. Spiritual A. I. D. S. can weaken even the best of believers if they get infected with.

He will teach you how to be made well from the sickness, as well as to know which doors we should walk through in which we should keep closed.

You must understand that not every door that is open to you is opened by God. Many of those doors are harmful if we enter. Many of them are designed to set us backwards and not move forwards.

In this book you will learn;

Friend avoiding Satan’s traps is a comprehensive little guidebook that shines a light on the darkness of the devil. It reveals most of his tactics, and more importantly teaches you how not to get caught in them.

So, if you’re tired like I was of always feeling set back by the enemy you need to get a copy of this book today and live free! Buy it now for just $2.99!