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A Year Without Fear

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Do you realize that some day you may die from fear.  The scriptures warn us that in then last days men’s hearts will fail them for fear. So why suffer from fear? Most people are plagued with some type of fear. Not all fears are wrong or harmful for God has wisely placed inside each of us a mechanism of godly fears that will protect us from wrongful death or mortal injury. But most fears are demonically inspired by the “spirit of fear” himself. And  these types of fears is what  this book was written about. Remember this one thing before you read this book; most fears can be appropriately described as; False- Evidence-that Appears- Real. F.E.A.R. Don’t let Satan torment your life any longer. For more than decade now people have been Reading “A Year without Fear” and finding out how others have conquered their fears and how to walked triumphantly in this life.  I really want to to help you out so for a limited time I am offering this book for FREE.  Both digitally and print copy. This book addresses 365 different fears and gives you the antidote for each of them. Don’t go another day with fear dictating your life get a copy today for just the incredible low price of FREE.  Just pay shipping and handling fee of $7.99 for the print copy or digitally download a PDF copy today for FREE, and begin to live every day fearless.  Also if you would I would really appreciate you giving me a review on the book either by emailing me or going to Amazon and leaving a review there.  It would greatly be appreciated.  [email protected]

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