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Secrets of The Supernatural Book 1 Understanding Demonic Spiritual Tactics

Did you know that while you were asleep last night the devil was scheming a plan to deceive you?

God’s word tells us that one of the main tactics of the enemy in the last days would be deception. He would even be successful at getting you to deceive yourself, at lease he will try to, so be very careful.

Think about it look at the shows that are on TV these days. Ghost Hunting, Ghost Whispering, The Walking Dead, Ghost Adventures, and on and on.  The TV waves are filled with shows about talking to the supernatural.

For just a minute take a look at Matthew 24 and focus on the word deceive. It tells us that in the last days before the return of God’s son Jesus the earth would be filled with deception. Do not be deceived my friend author Don nicely has pulled off the veil to reveal the secrets that Satan is using against you.

He plainly reveals some of the secrets of the spirit world that are set on destroying your life. He also reveals the origin of the spirits of deception and how they are in use even in our modern world through the media so that they can propagate their deception in us.

Things like fortune-telling, sooth saying, necromancy, which is talking to the dead fills our TV channels trying to lead us away from having faith in God.

In this book Don will teach how to test the spirits and see if they are of God. How to avoid the deception of séances and other tactics that the prince of darkness is using against this younger generation.

Parents Satan is very clever and this would be a good book for you to use to teach your teenager against the evils of darkness. Why not get it for them to read so that the light may be turned on for them in this very dark time that we live in.

Secrets of the supernatural book 1 is a very revealing book on this very dark subject. And while you’re at it get the companion book Secrets of the Supernatural Book 2 Confronting Various Spirits that will help you identify for sure just what spirit may be trying to mess up your life. Get a copy today and be set free!