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Secrets of The Supernatural

Book 3


Do you know as Christian believers we are supposed to operate in a Supernatural Power with a Supernatural God?

In this amazing book multi- award-winning author Don Nicely is going to take you on a journey into the supernatural power of God. We are going to visit some of the supernatural powers that God himself has put at our disposal.  We can follow these few steps that will lead us to living our lives with the supernatural power in Christ.

You will learn that the very first thing that will block a supernatural life from flowing freely in your life is fear. And since author Don Nicely is an expert on the subject of fear, having written many books on the subject, he will surly teach how to remove it from your life. You must remove it, you know!  Fear is a robber of God’s blessing.  Fear is what blocks people from moving out and doing things for God.  You will never experience the supernatural until you believe in it.  You will never experience anything from God until that desire truly becomes the desire and passion of your life.  You will also learn how all miracles, all signs and wonders, all supernatural events, are for the sole purpose of Christ being magnified in this world.

The next truth about walking in the supernatural power of God, is that everything that happens is to bring glory to God.

Another key about walking in supernatural power is this: if you won’t let your faith waver, if you won’t be weary in well doing, everything is going to turn out right. Because you are reading this book, I have got a feeling; everything is going to be all right in your life.

So many times, people let go of faith, and power, right when they need it most. Your faith does not need to be strongest in the good times, or the blessed times, it needs to hold up when you go through the fire, and when you go through the flood.

Today let’s choose to operate in the supernatural power of God with a supernatural God.

In this book you will learn,

  • How to live everyday as if it was supernatural.
  • About the supernatural power of Satan’s army
  • All about the spirit world
  • How to receive the Holy Spirit’s power in your life.
  • How to be one of his supernatural minister.

And so much more get a copy today!