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How to get Published Part 1

Let’s say you have a writing ability and know how to put your words in print. Without the ability to write getting published probably won’t happen for you. The publishing industry is a highly competitive world and very few books sell more than one hundred copies. In fact in 2006 alone over 253,000 books were published. Although it may be competitive to market your book, getting published is easier now than it has ever been before. Even with hundreds of thousands of books being written and published each year still only about 2% of the population have written and published a book. It is a very elite group that has their own ISBN number.

Now with 81% of the population feeling they have a book inside them that they want to release-this leaves much room for new material, and publishers are always on the look out for new material.

There are primarily three things that you need to decide before you pursue to publish a book or not.

*First research to find out if your book has an audience of at least 50,000 people to be potential readers. For instance if your book is about a small town of 300 in population chances are your market won’t be worth pursuing, but if your subject matter covers a vast audience, your chances of getting a publisher to take a look at your book is better. For instance my first book “A Year without Fear” has an audience of just about every person on the planet- since we all suffer from some type of fear from time to time. This was the main selling point of the book to the publisher, for if I could just establish a name for the book, the potential reading audience is astronomical.

*Then after you determine your audience market ability you must then determine what you would like to call the book. Let’s face it catchy titles spark our interest. Would you rather read a book entitled; “The young boy who was left in the house all alone.” Or “Abandoned” a youths fight for survival after being left all alone in this world. A catchy title will catch people’s interest- so think hard about what you want to title your book. Also be thinking about the subtitle of the book. In today’s business it’s sometimes the subtitle that sparks the potential reader’s interest in your book. The subtitle can say more about what the book is about than the title can itself. In my new release “Immunity” it’s hard to get a grasp of the books content from the title alone, but if you read the subtitle; Finding a hiding place in God. You know instantly what the book is going to do for you.

*And lastly carefully consider what you want your book’s cover to look like. The reason is because everyone judges a book by its cover. On the average a bookstore browser will spend eight (8) seconds looking at the books cover and fifteen (15) seconds looking at the books back cover. Most sales reps that are selling your book will take the books cover and spend (14) seconds giving a pitch about your book to clients. So choosing a cover that is colorful and eye catching may be what sells your book for you. Think real hard about these three things before you go on to part 2 of How to get published.