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How To Have A Great Marriage God’s Blueprint For A Successful marriage Understanding Your Roles

Are you new to marriage and trying to set the right tone for your future? Or have you been married for some time but are still confused about how to be a good wife? 

Marriages can be really demanding as you are often trying to adjust to sharing your life with your spouse. As a wife, you might be confused about things a wife should do for her husband, and people might offer you some confusing advice. 

I mean do you know what your spouse expects from you in your marriage?  Don’t feel bad if you don’t because make couples don’t either. Instead, they seemingly go through years of trial and error, and pain trying to figure it out. In fact, for some couples it will be years of unnecessary pain until they finally figure it out.  That’s why author Don Nicely has taken painstaking detail in explaining the roles of both the husband and wife in a marriage relationship.

I promise you after you finish this first book in the three-book series you will discover how God hardwired each of us to fulfill different roles.

All this gender nonsense that is going on today if nothing more than to distract people from fulfilling their actual roles in marriage. 

In This Book You Will Learn;

How to prove you love to your spouse

What each of your exact role is and how to fulfill it

How to add some romance to your marriage

What God’s Biblical order is and so much more