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Love Story Ebook cover

Why settle for just a marriage when you can go to the creator of marriage to learn how to have the marriage that God intended for you to have. I believe that marriage is the closest we can get to heaven on earth.  God has intricately placed a book known as Song of Solomon in His word to give us a guide book on what marriage should be like.  “Love Story” is a real life encounter with Don and Susie Nicely as it addresses the guide book of Song of Solomon.  Don and his wife Sue have included inserts from their own personal marriage of the struggles, successes and challenges they have had in their own almost thirty years of marriage to aid people in understanding how to get through those rough times.  With marriage being under so much attack these days we believe that this book is just in time to save some marriages.  Buy it today for just $8.99.  That’s over 40% off the regular $13.99 price.