Have you ever thought about what a crazy world we live in today? Christians and reporters having their heads chopped off. Isis invading the worlds super powers and running people over with cars and trucks. North Korea testing nuclear missiles and promising to have one to reach America in just four short years. Iran still working on a nuclear weapon and lying about it to the world. Folks it’s like living in the book of Revelation. A recent poll was taken asking people how fearful are you of all the woes going on in the world today, and 85% of the people responded very fearful. The rest were somewhat fearful. Well friend God has taken care of the fear problem. He has strategically placed Psalms throughout His word to aid us in our fears. And this book Fear Not! God’s Got You Covered does just that. In fact ,Fear Not! breaks down several Psalms including the popular Psalms 91 to show us how we should not fear anything going on in our world right now. Even the numerous satanic attacks that Satan has promised to use on God’s people in the last days are covered. Over twelve in all. You will learn how to avoid the pestilence that walks in darkness, or the arrow that fly’s by day. The attack of the noonday sun and the roaring lion will be exposed. Friend Satan doesn’t want you to know the contents of Psalms 91, for he knows that once you have been illuminated with the information in this book his power will be weak over your life. Stop living with doubts and fears about your future and learn that God has everything covered. Once you read this short book a new revelation of information will be imparted to your life and your fears will just dissipate away. Order today for a 20% discount of just $9.99 shipped!