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E-book Breaking Free

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Breaking Free!

How to unpack your old life so that you can live in the new one

What if I told you that you can’t live in God’s Promised Land of victory while carrying around the bags of the past on your back!  They are just too heavy for you to get blessed with!

Are you living way below your means? It is possible that you are still being weighed down by your past and you don’t even know it.

You may still be carrying around suitcases full of guilt, condemnation, hurts, failures, and the opinions of others that is causing you to struggle to live your new life in Christ. 

My friend you can’t carry around the bags of the past into your new life with Jesus. The same old bad habits keep popping up and you don’t know what to do about them.

You thought you were set free, but you don’t feel like you’re free! You are still being bullied by your adversary the devil and you don’t know what to do about.  If that sounds like you then I have good news for you then. You are not alone, I once found myself in the exact same predicament. That is until I learn the secrets of this book.

In this amazing little book, you will learn;

This little book will teach you what must be removed and what is allowed to remain. Finally, you can live with a sound mind and not suffer from conflicting thoughts. So, my friend if you find yourself in any of these predicaments you need to get a copy today at your online provider for just $2.99.