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E-book At His Breast

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At His Breast

Steps to Getting Closer to God

What if I told you that the dissatisfaction you have in your life is part of Satan’s plan for you!  Do you understand that there is a spiritual darkness that is after your very existence!

Whether you believe it or not but doesn’t make it true or false. The fact is it is true and we are all in a spiritual warfare for our very soul! That’s why Jesus said; those who desire to live godly W I LL suffered persecution. And no one that serves God is immune from this battle.

I myself was fighting a battle that I didn’t even know existed. That is until the blinders were removed from my eyes and I saw the spiritual warfare that was taking place around me.

Through years of study and practice I learned to destroy the giants that were harassing me every day of my life. Just like Israel had Goliath harassing them every single day. Never forget this my friend; dead giants don’t speak! 

That’s why when David slew Goliath on that triumphant day he cut his head off and carried it around with him as a trophy. We too must slay our giants and remove their heads.

In this book you will learn;

  • How to employ the correct tactics of spiritual warfare.
  • You also learn that in order to get closer to God you must raise to his level. And with every new level you raise you must face new devils.
  • How to defeat them so you become like John as a young man who laid his head on Jesus breast at supper.
  • How to break generational curses or bondage’s that seek to stop you from reaching the level that God has for you.
  • And so much more. Get a copy of this great book today and get closer to God in your walk now! Buy one now for just $2.99!