A Year Without Fear (Digital)




Would you like to live everyday of your life without fear? Tired of just living a weary, mundane existence wondering what in the world is going on with your life. Friend fear is a sneaky foe. It is even a spirit that likes to wrap its tentacles around you and squeeze the very life out of you. Fear is the leading cause of death in both men and women in these last days. The bible even declares that in the last days men’s hearts would fail them for fear of the things that are coming on the earth. Don Nicely has recognized this and taken the time to write a battle manual to combat fear. This book was originally written in 2004 and since that day many rave reviews have been given about how people have been aided against fear. In fact the original book won an award best devotional of the year for 2004. This second edition is an update on the original book. After over ten years in the marketplace a necessary update was needed. A Year Without Fear is a collection of stories taken from the bible, history and the personal experience of the author in how God has triumphed in people’s lives at aiding them to combat fear and overcome all the things the enemy has to offer. This book has over 365 different fears that it addresses, like fear of terrorism, fear of being unloved, fear of being alone, fear of darkness, fear of rape and a collection of 360 more should help anyone struggling with any fear to be an overcomer. This is the first time it is being offered as an e-book so take advantage of this great price on an over 400 page book.  Order today for just $9.99! Just click the “Buy Now” button and download your copy today! Check out a seven page sampler at donnicelybooks.com